So what have we learned about ERP software?

Posted by Derek Demers on January 15, 2019

FocusERP has been in business since 1999.  During that time we learned some valuable lessons:

Implementing ERP software for SMB's (small to medium sized business)  becomes personal.

  • Companies don’t come to us because everything is running efficiently. They come to us because business is becoming complicated.
  • They had all the right business intentions, but the original strategy somehow changed, or an area of the business took off unexpectedly and they were inundated with paperwork.  
  • Therefore, sharing their issues and how ERP Software can help is very personal as we touch every aspect of their organization.

Volume selling to as many companies as you can does not work.  

  • We only have so many people at FocusERP with special skills and if we spread that out to too many implementations, nobody wins
  • We are patient diligent people and that took years to hone that skill

We own the software!

  • When customers talk to us, they are dealing directly with the software company.
  • This is very rare as most ERP companies use resellers. You never get to talk to Bill Gates, or Larry Ellis (Oracle) or Bill McDermott (SAP).  However, you do with us and you have an influence on what we develop.  
  • 70% of the upgrades come directly from our customers.

Implementing ERP is not easy

  • It takes dedication from the company doing it and patience and experience from FocusERP staff to help move that company to the next level.
  • This means it takes years and many installs by our FocusERP staff to be effective. This is very specialized work. 

In summary, we grow our business every year, but we do it in a way that is manageable for not only FocusERP, but also for our customers both old and new.  They continue to be profitable and competitive and we continue to help them stay that way.      

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The technical world is full of acronyms, and in many case they are misunderstood by many that are not dealing with them every day. Today it is MRP or “material requirements planning” that we are referring to. Although it is an approach and term that the has been around for decades there continues to be improvements in the outcomes MRP capabilities provide.

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